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Dr Anthony Spink and his skilled team have been looking after smiles since the year 2000

Achieving a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums is an ongoing process and doesn’t simply happen by accident. We recognise that it is essential that the relationship between the dentist and the patient is strong and built on mutual trust. We treat all our patients like one of the family, and our experienced and close-knit team takes pride in forming long lasting relationships with our patients.

You can rest assured that we only recommend the most effective, comfortable and efficient treatments available. We have implemented a number of innovative treatments and use only the most advanced treatment methods. We aim to give our patients the highest quality dental care with a small community feel.

Anthony Spink Dental Suite involves you in making your own dental care decisions so you can decide what’s right for you. During each appointment, we work with you to understand your expectations and end treatment goals to form a treatment plan that gives you the entire picture.


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We only use the most advanced dental technology and the highest quality treatments for our patients

Regular visits to Anthony Spink Dental Suite, ensures our team address minor concerns before they become more complex dental issues.

For over 17 years Dr Anthony Spink has stayed up to date with the latest dental trends and technology. Today, we are excited to use some of the most advanced pieces of equipment like our Same Day Crown (E4D) Machine that allows us to create porcelain restorations within the one appointment. This ensures your treatment is streamlined whilst retaining the highest quality for total convenience.

With modern dentistry techniques we can also improve the appearance of your smile with our safe and fast teeth whitening system, Philips ZOOM! teeth whitening, and our high quality porcelain veneers. And by implementing a range of orthodontic techniques, we can straighten the whole families teeth, fast and effectively.


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The team at Anthony Spink Dental Suite in Brighton are constantly on the lookout for ways to streamline our treatments to make our patients experience smooth and convenient. We have recently implemented our Same Day Crown (E4D) System to fabricate same-day porcelain restorations.

Traditional techniques meant sending the moulds off to a laboratory to be created, which could take weeks. Patients would then have to wear temporary pieces before scheduling another appointment to get their restoration fitted. With E4D machine, it scans the patient’s mouth to get the exact dimensions needed and this information is then sent to the design centre. The technician will then finalise the details and create the restoration using strong, durable materials.

Today, with the Same Day Crown (E4D) System we create the restorations right in our practice that allows it to be fitted that very same day, often in the same appointment. To learn more about our advanced system, contact the friendly team today.

Shaping over 4 million smiles worldwide, its no wonder why the Invisalign system is so popular. Using clear, removable aligners, Invisalign gradually but effectively moves patient’s teeth into a perfectly straight smile. The main advantage of Invisalign is that the aligners are virtually invisible and most people won’t even know your undergoing orthodontic treatment, unless you tell them that is.

Here at Anthony Spink Dental Suite we want our patients to have a range of choices when it comes to straightening their teeth. Our Smilefast treatment plan is a revolutionary new treatment that combines traditional orthodontic techniques with 3D computer imaging. This imaging identifies the ideal position of your teeth for your braces, which is essential for a fast and predictable outcome. Before you even start treatment, the Smilefast system can show you your predicted treatment outcome.

Traditional braces are another option we offer and are a tried and tested method that is used on more severe cases of crowding, gaps and more severe jaw issues. For more information on these effective and reliable treatments, contact our family friendly team today.

The team at Anthony Spink Dental Suites believe that prevention really is better than the cure. We emphasize the need for our patients to schedule regular six-month check ups so we can asses their oral health and hygiene. We recommend six monthly visits because your oral health can change quite quickly and the dentists can keep an eye on any issues.

Patients can also ensure that any minor issues like a toothache or gingivitis is addressed long before they turn into major issues that could require costly dental treatment. During your check-up our team will also conduct a thorough assessment for any sign of oral cancer.

As part of our long-standing commitment to preventive dentistry, we provide endodontic treatment. The main aim of this specialised treatment is preventing all stages of gum disease.

By regularly visiting us, you can be sure you remain confident about the state of your oral health. For more information on our preventative dentistry, contact our friendly team today.

As Brisbane is one of the most liveable cities in the world, we have set up our Brighton practice to mix the bustle of the city, with the calm river suburb. At Anthony Spink Dental Suite in Brighton, we have been servicing the community, and creating beautiful bright smiles in Brighton since 2000.

Located just a few hundred metres from Brighton State School and just North of Brisbane CBD, we have combined our modern practice with a small community feel.

Our central location means we are close to public transport, and have adequate parking around the practice. We have also ensured our practice is suitable for our patients with limited mobility.

If you’re living in Brighton, or the greater Brisbane area and are looking for an experienced and skilled dentist with years of experience, come in and visit our friendly Anthony Spink Dental Suite team.

Discover more about our modern, comfortable practise on our webpage.



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