7 Reasons why your Teen needs to see a Dentist

7 Reasons Why your Teen Needs to See a Dentist | Anthony Spink Dental Suite

Why your teen needs to visit the dentist

Worrying about your child’s well-being is part of the package that comes with being a parent. And this certainly doesn’t end when they reach their teenage years. When your child reaches their teens, they undergo many physical changes which affect their oral health. Many dental issues that manifest in the adolescent years can affect your child’s teeth for life.

Here are seven reasons why it is vital for your teen to visit a dentist:

  1. Wisdom teeth
    These teeth which are commonly known as the third molars, erupt between the late teens and mid-twenties. During this time it is essential that you consult with your dentist in order to prevent problems like misalignment, damage to surrounding teeth and gum disease.
  2. Rapid development
    Most people should have their full set of adult teeth by their teens. It is therefore important that the development of their bite and eruption of permanent teeth be monitored to avoid possible future complications. The reason why most people undergo orthodontic treatment when they are teenagers is that many problems become apparent in those years. Having your child visit the dentist from their early childhood is one way of guiding their development and treating problems before they escalate.
  3. Oral routine changes
    Many teenagers who have braces fitted will have to adapt to a new dental care routine. While brushing and flossing help keep their teeth fairly clean, they are still required to visit a dentist for a professional consultation and cleaning at least twice a year. In doing so, they can prevent cavities and gum disease.
  4. Diet
    A growing body is coupled with a growing appetite. This may see your teen consume foods and drinks that are not the healthiest for their oral health. Soda, juices, energy drinks and junk foods sometimes become a staple which can increase their risk of cavities and tooth decay. Luckily, this can be prevented with a good oral hygiene routine, and if your child visits a dentist at least once every six months.
  5. Gum disease
    Gum disease does not only affect adults but teenagers too. The changes in their hormones can have a dramatic effect on their gum tissue with high hormone levels changing the blood circulation and bacterial makeup around their gums.
  6. Inadequate calcium intake
    The days of drinking a glass of milk to be strong and healthy, often come to an end during the teenage years. This is unfortunate because calcium is just as vital for adolescents as it is for younger children. For strong teeth and bones, encourage your teen to enjoy low-fat dairy products daily.
  7. Sports-related injuries
    Interest in sporting activities usually peaks during the teenage years. This increases their chances of sport-related injuries. Aside from ensuring that your teen’s teeth are strong and healthy, your dentist can assist in creating a custom-made mouth guard to cushion the effects of sports injuries and decrease the risk of teeth loss during such accidents.

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