How to keep more than just your two front teeth healthy this Christmas

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Our top tips for maintaining your oral health over the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are a time of year when many of us tend to over-indulge on lollies, desserts, roast dinners and sugary drinks. It can often be difficult to have self-control with so many delicious foods around, but what effect does this have on your oral health?

Constant snacking on sugary foods can be bad news for your teeth. With Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year so close together, oral hygiene routines often begin to suffer and when combined with an increased diet of sugar and sticky lollies, your teeth will experience a build-up of harmful bacteria leading to tooth decay.

Take a look at a few of our top tips for maintaining your oral health over the Christmas holidays!

Keep up your regular routine

The most important thing to remember over the Christmas holidays is that although you might be taking a much-needed break from work or school, taking a break from your oral hygiene routine can be detrimental to both your oral and overall health. Even taking a break between Christmas and Boxing Day can promote the growth of harmful bacteria within the mouth.

For most people, maintaining healthy teeth and gums takes less than 5 minutes each day so there’s no excuse to ditch your routine.

Keep an eye out for teeth friendly foods

In moderation, many foods can actually have a positive effect on your oral health. Dairy foods such as milk and cheese can help to restore the mouth’s natural acid balance and can help to reduce the development of tooth decay. Dairy is also rich in calcium to help strengthen teeth and bones.

Eating cranberries with your Christmas turkey is also proven to have the capacity to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Don’t use teeth to open or wrap presents

No matter how tempted you might be to tear into your gifts on Christmas morning, make sure you don’t use your teeth to open your presents. Using teeth to rip tape and Christmas wrapping can cause tooth damage, which could result in a trip to the emergency dentist.

The same goes for hard foods like candy canes. Always be cautious when biting into hard lollies which might damage your teeth.


The key to maintaining good oral health over the holidays is by moderating your intake of harmful foods and drinks; however, you don’t need to cut out treats altogether, after all it is Christmas.

Have a glass of water between fizzy or alcoholic drinks, and instead of Christmas pudding or custard, have some cheese after your meal.

Keeping your teeth healthy with Anthony Spink Dental Suite

Although Christmas may be a time of year where people tend to relax and forgot about their regular routine, with a little care it can be easy to ensure your teeth stay healthy into the New Year. If you’re overdue for a check-up and clean or have any oral health concerns, contact the friendly team at Anthony Spink Dental Suite in Brighton today!