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Traditional metal braces are not only cost-effective; they also provide the most noticeable results, in the shortest time

When you choose to undertake treatment with traditional braces, you know you are choosing a treatment that has been perfected over time to offer the most optimal results. As this treatment option has been so thoroughly tried and tested, the technology has become quite affordable.

These days, traditional braces can often be the most cost-effective option when choosing to straighten your teeth. When compared to more cosmetically driven treatments, traditional braces typically come in as the most cost-effective option when correcting a number of different orthodontic concerns.

This is highly beneficial for families with younger members who have orthodontic concerns that need to be corrected, or for anyone who is looking for the most cost-effective option to address significant orthodontic concerns.

The treatment process

The traditional braces treatment occurs over a number of stages and includes:

  • Initial alignment of the teeth
  • Closure of any gaps between the teeth
  • Alignment of the jaws
  • Final detailing

You will notice over time that your teeth are gently guided into the desired position with the use of metal brackets and wiring. We will discuss every step of the treatment process with you before we begin treatment to ensure you remain informed.

Traditional braces often have a shorter treatment time

Traditional braces have been perfected over time and thanks to this; braces can often achieve the most dramatic results in the shortest time frame. This, of course, will depend on the extent of treatment your teeth and jaws require in order to move into the desired position.

How to look after your braces

Traditional metal braces need to be cared for meticulously as food easily becomes caught in the brackets. When brushing and flossing at least twice daily, you need to be gentle enough to not compromise the brackets. We also recommend you brush your teeth after each meal as food debris that is left can cause discolouration over time.

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During your consultation, our team will provide a thorough assessment of the alignment of your jaws and the placement of your teeth. After this, we are able to create a treatment plan and give you a rough estimation of how long your treatment time could take.

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